Psychic Modulation

Psychic Modulation’s VST and AU plug-ins were born out of the cyber-bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana by synth enthusiast Jack Resweber. Offerings include virtual synthesizers, drum machines, and effects processors. While generally geared toward experimental or ambient electronic musicians, Psychic Modulation’s deliberately off-kilter approach to plug-in designs can add a subtle touch of the strange to your productions—or even reinvent them outright. Esoteric features like randomization, reverb noise, filter melt, noise crush, compressor thrash, delay gate, freakout, flex, and more are all found in Psychic Modulation plug-ins.


VST/AU Beat Manipulation Effect


VST/AU Audio Melting Dub Box Effect

Phonec 2

VST/AU Lo-fi, Vintage-style Synthesizer


VST/AU PCM-Based Drum Machine


VST/AU Multi-FX Processor

Brutalist Drums

Drum Soundbank expansion for PulseCode

Electro Drums

Drum Soundbank expansion for PulseCode

Synth Bass

Synth Bass Soundbank expansion for Phonec2


Lo-Fi Effect Plug-in