Psychic Modulation

Synth Bass

Synth Bass Soundbank expansion for Phonec2

Synth Bass is a patchbank of 128 newly designed bass patches for Phonec 2. Covering a wide sonic range, these patches are suitable for various genres ranging from Synthwave to Dub Techno. Each patch has been meticulously crafted, paying careful attention to detail and making the most out of Phonec's features in order to get a completely unique sound. The LFOs, Modulation envelopes and aftertouch settings are all ready to switch on for instant, well thought out effects. Most notable of these patches, is the modwheel settings. The Modwheel is linked to the aftertouch targets, so simply moving the modwheel makes for a very creative and expressive performance tool, giving you the ability to completely transform the sound of each patch.

Read the complete user reference here(PDF)