Psychic Modulation


VST/AU Multi-FX Processor

VectoMelt is designed to bring your sounds into the audio netherworld. Exploring the broken sound of decay that can be both beautiful and eerie. An evolution of the original EchoMelt FX unit, VectoMelt has been taken into new realms, using an XY Vector as it's modulation control center. Slap it on your synth for distant, haunting tones. Take your guitar to the darkside for a swirling, chilly atmosphere. Make your voice sound like a worn out recording on a tape that's been left in a hot car for weeks. Get dubbed out with crazy delay lines full of character. But there's much more to it than drifty VHS magic. VectoMelt is quite a versatile multi-FX unit with many different tricks up it's sleeve. Tape-style echoes, ghostly pad washes, eq techniques, lush choruses, and even simple slapbacks to name just a few.

Modulation Madness

Move through the XY Vector to control the drifting, warbling and glitchy instability. X mixes between Flow and Flutter, Y increases the effect. Set the axis point to autopilot using the Flex Mod, creating shapes and patterns with the occasional 'Pitch Glitch' jumping in and out of orbit. Based on the Melt modulation of Phonec and EchoMelt, which will give your sound instant character and 'VHS Vibes', reworked as a singular control panel for instant effect.

Lush Choruses

This versatile Chorus can give your sound the distance and depth you'd expect, but when used with the Mod Vector, will make your sounds melt in unison with Pitch and Echo. Separate the two voices for a more interesting Chorus effect. Apply Width for instant Slapback effects. The Chorus can even be utilized as an additional source of Pitch Modulation with low depth settings. A useful tool on your sound shaping journey.

EQ Hybrid

The 3-band EQ is something special. The high and low bands can function as traditional Filters, with the middle band for cutting and boosting peaks. It gets interesting when applying the Mix control. Not only does this give you the ability to mix the dry signal with the full EQ, but when set to fully dry, the signal that enters the Echo is still being filtered. That means you can use the EQ as a send effect, shaping only the Echo signal for some uniquely filtered delays. Saturation is included here to take advantage of this unique mixing feature. From telephone fx to super saturated bass distortion, the EQ is much more than its simple demeanor suggests.

Space Dub Delay FX

Following in the tradition of Phonec's EchoShifter effect, the VectoMelt Echo can be used for anything from subtle ambience to advanced dual delays. It's unique set of features make it perfect for spaced-out dub delays and other wild fx. This version of the Echo has been revised with a Glide control for setting the speed and smoothness between time changes. This can produce dramatic pitch drops and slow rises reminiscent of tape machines. The Echo can enter the Melt realm in conjunction with Pitch and Chorus on the Vector for adding character, color and more.

Inject your sound with a dose of Vectoplasm!


  • XY modulation vector

  • Flow and Flutter: Analog-style drifting, instability and random fluctuations that are mixed at two different speeds using the X axis

  • Multiple targets for modulation include: Pitch, Chorus, Echo, Amp and Pan; Y axis controls the overall mod depth

  • Flex: A modulator for the XY pad made up of Orbit (to circle the XY point), and Jump (to jump out of orbit sporadically)

  • Multi-FX include:

  • 2-Voice Chorus with voice Separation

  • Parametric 3-Band EQ that works as both high and low pass filters

  • EQ dry/wet control that can isolate the filter to only affect the Echo

  • Saturation driver sent into the Echo signal

  • Echo: Analog tape style dub delay unit with pitch-shifting

  • Mix controls for each effect as well as Master Mix

  • Sub Presets for each FX section

  • Randomization controls for each effect section

  • MIDI Learn and automation of most parameters

  • Double-Click Parameter Reset

  • Intuitive patch management system

  • 128 presets to get you started