Psychic Modulation

Brutalist Drums

Drum Soundbank expansion for PulseCode

Brutalist is an expansion pack for the PulseCode Drum Machine containing over 100 8-bit drums that have been sampled using the legendary Mirage sampler, capturing it's lo-fi, gritty character. Brutalist is perfect for Industrial and EBM as well as Drum & Bass, HipHop and Lo-Fi genres.

Each drum has been meticulously crafted and compiled as Sound Elements, which contain multiple layers. These layers can all be tweaked and manipulated within PulseCode to get drastically different sounds from a single source sample. Go extra lo-fi by mixing in the Grit layer, which has been resampled at a much lower sampling rate using an old-school sampling technique. Add some top-end slap with the Hit layer. The Body layer provides extra low-end, and most importantly, each Drum Element contains it's own individual sampled reverb just waiting to be gated for that huge 80s sound.