Psychic Modulation


Lo-Fi Effect Plug-in

MondoMelt is a lo-fi character effect, taking the tone-shaping and melting capabilities of EchoMelt and wrapping it up into a compact plug-in that will give you instant results.

Pitch instability, audio degradation, saturated crunchiness, and cassette tape aesthetic are instantly available by tweaking just a few controls.

Sculpt your frequencies with a simple, yet versatile 3-band EQ. Drive the resulting signal into a pleasant saturation and apply extra shaping for wild distortion. Age your sound with a damper control for reducing the high end until you have the perfect lo-fi cassette vibe.

Melt your sound with Wow, Flutter and Dropout modulation, giving your sound instant character with pitch-drifting, audio degradation, and VHS-style fluctuations. The built-in Chorus effect will turn your wobbling tape instabilities into a lush, stereo effect using only a single knob.

Drive the whole effect into uncharted territory with the Mondo knob, which intensifies various aspects of the effect overall, pushing it to the limit for irregular sonic mayhem.



  • EQ: A simple, versatile, 3-band equalizer with Low-cut switch

  • Saturation: This saturation is full of character with a shaping control for extra crunchy distortion.

  • Melt, Wow, and Flutter: Two modulators for creating instability, drifting and pitch fluctuations.

  • Melt Dropout: An amplitude modulator for creating audio degradation and stuttering volume drops.

  • Chorus: Transform the Melt effect into a lush, stereo chorus using a single knob.

  • Mondo: A big knob for emphasizing multiple aspects of the overall effect.

  • Randomize all controls with the push of a button.

  • Custom GUI scaling.

  • Intuitive patch management system.

  • Several presets to get you started.