Psychic Modulation


VST/AU Beat Manipulation Effect

BendoBox is an exploratory, rhythmic multi-effect for manipulating beats and transforming ordinary sounds into entirely new material. Band-splitting, bass-boosting, crunchy saturation, bpm-synced chopping and gating, beat-locked pumping effects, gated feedback and sequenced delay send variations are just some of the many sound-altering possibilities.


The signal is split into low and high bands, so you can boost the bass of the low end, while applying filtering and saturated crunchiness to the highs.

Everything below the split point will retain a cleaner signal and bypass the filter, while everything after the split point has the potential for a dirtier sound. Adjust the split to your liking.


Bend the beat with a tempo-synced LFO to rhythmically alter the Filter and Amplitude for easily crafting duck and pump effects for beats, as well as filtered sweeps and shaping.

Use the Wave Shift slider to alternate between phase positions. The LFO is locked to host position, so the phase will always stay on beat, for reliably rhythmic modulations.


Chop it up with the Gate sequencer to drop out sections and create entirely new rhythms. The Gate can also be used to trigger the LFO only on certain steps.

The Gate can be set to Hard, Soft or Glide, depending on the type of sound you need.


Accompany the beat with some BPM-synced delays from the Echo unit. The dual timing system can work like two stacked delays, or can be spread out between channels for a wide stereo image. Drive the feedback before tapering it off with the Damper for some nice filtered fadeouts.


Use the Delay Gate sequencer to trigger input sends on specific parts of a beat, while leaving the rest unaffected. Another use is for Feedback gating, cutting off the feedback in time with the beat for exaggerated stuttering effects.


The Freakout slider will do crazy things to the Echo and Filter, based on the Rate of the beat. The slider snaps back when you let it go, so it's great for quick fill-ins and transitions. Use the Latch button to hold the slider in place if you need.

Keep in mind, Freakout works best with more extreme overall settings. A good rule of thumb is, the wilder the preset, the more intense the Freakout.



  • High/Low Frequency Splitter.

  • Bass Enhancer.

  • Resonant Low Pass Filter.

  • Saturation with extra Crunch.

  • Mod Gate Sequencer: An LFO/Gate combo.

  • Uses include:

  • Ducking and Pumping.

  • Volume Gating.

  • Beat Chopping.

  • Filter Modulation.

  • Spatial Effects.

  • Gated LFOs.

  • Echo: Stereo BPM Delay Unit.

  • Delay Gate Sequencer for triggered delay sends and feedback gating.

  • Freakout: Sporatic randomization of various aspects of the overall effect.

  • Sub-Presets for each FX and Mod/Gate section.

  • Randomize button for each section.

  • Custom GUI scaling.

  • Intuitive patch management system.

  • Several presets to get you started.