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500 Series Channel Strip

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WL-3 line art

Finally there is a real 500 Series analog console channel strip on the market! Introducing The WL-3 Channel Strip. 

The WL-3 is wonderful channel strip, all in one box. It features a transformer coupled microphone and line input, & a transformer coupled output along with a 60 m.m fader for the output section. 

The strip has a compressor with parallel mix knob and a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids.

Add to this a 80Hz high-pass filter, polarity switch and 48V phantom powerad you have a serious channel in a double-wide 500 series unit.

This piece is designed by master mind Paul Wolff in conjunction with Lindell Audio.

Paul Wolff has designed more legendary pieces of gear than most of us have used. In his years with API alone, Paul designed the 550B EQ, 512 and 3124 mic preamps, Legacy console, and 2500 compressor. He was recently honored by NAMM TEC hall of fame for inventing the Lunchbox and 500-series format, which he helped turned into a cottage industry.

The WL-3 is made in Europe and boasts an 8mm machined aluminium front panel.


  • Microphone input with over 65db of gain
  • Transformers made in England by Carnhill Group Ltd
  • VCA compressor with Threshold, auto gain make-up, Gain, Mix knob for instant parallel compression. Linkable
  • Compressor features the Thrust* circuit
  • 3-Band equalizer with High 10kHz cut/boost +/- 10db. Sweepable mid band 900 - 5kHz +/- 10db. Low 100Hz cut/boost +/- 10db
  • 60 m.m high quality fader
  • 48V Phantom power
  • Polarity reverse switch