U78 Saturator

German U73b-based valve plug-in with precise band saturation.

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U78 Saturator line art

Warm, Resonant, Comforting

Revolt your mixes in richness and add a warm, resonant character that grips your listeners. Propel your mixes to new heights, infusing every note with vintage charm and modern brilliance.

Saturate where necessary

Break free from the ordinary with adjustable gain, HiPass and LowPass filters, and unique Tone control that affects warmth and brilliance.

Take control

Craft the perfect blend of dry and wet signals without phasing nightmares! Conquer the ideal amount with adjustable Output control or let the "Auto Output" do its magic - with a visual meter as a bonus.

Devil is in the details

Harness the fusion of analog & digital worlds - calibrate for the versatile headroom and fine-tune the perfect amount of saturation.

Embrace the rebellion

Seamlessly load and save presets for effortless creativity. Navigate 60+ ready-to-use presets in 7 categories to find the one that fits your mix.

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