U73b Compressor

Faithful emulation of the German broadcast compressor/limiter unit U73b.

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U73b Compressor line art

Precision, Loudness, Clarity

Set your music's potential free with the U73B Compressor. Seize precise control over dynamics, unleash unruly clarity, and crank up the volume for a wild mix that screams professionalism

Ultimate U73b Emulation

Easily switch between Compressor and Limiter modes. Take precise control over release time and compression amount to get the right amount of vintage character in your tracks.

Sound revolution at your fingertips

Level up your sound with pro-grade presets like "Warm Vocal," "Punchy Drums," and "Smooth Bass." Effortlessly boost your music without endless messing around with settings - plug in and play!

Devil is in the details

Harness the fusion of analog & digital worlds - calibrate for a versatile headroom and take advantage of modern features like Sidechain and Hi-pass Filter.

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