Type 30 MKII (Black)

Studio Monitor, 3-way, 3x300W with DSP

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Type 30 MKII (Black) line art

Grown out of our highly praised Series ONE studio monitor line, HEDD is proud to announce brand-new MK2 models. Improved components and materials, better streamlined production, higher quality control HEDD MK2 monitors and subwoofers are still being handmade in Berlin, Germany.

Three striking innovations put this new and advanced DSP-powered speaker line on top of today’s monitoring landscape.

  1. HEDD Lineariser® Integration
  2. »CoP« Technology (Closed or Ported)
  3. The First Phase-Linear Subwoofer / Satellite System

The HEDD Type 30 MKII is an exceptional midfield monitor. Whether as a full- range speaker solution in an elegant recording studio, post-production space or in broadcasting contexts, it is an ideal player in the most diverse fields of application. This powerful 3-way-system, that features two horizontally aligned and rock-solid sounding 7”-woofers, a 5,5”-midrange woofer, and the HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter for vivid and un- colored high frequency reproduction, creates an ultra-wide frequency range from 30Hz all the way up to 50khz. Nothing less than 4×300 watts of the finest ICEpower® amplification are hidden in the Type 30’s strong and beautiful, matte-black cabinet.

The Type 30 MKII offers XLR and RCA connections and full HEDD Bridge com- patibility, meaning that you can insert an optional input-card for AES3-, USB2-, and even Dante / AES67-functionality into a free slot on the back- panel of the speaker.The Type 20 incorporates the versatile HEDD Bridge system. Besides standard analog connections (XLR/RCA), you can insert optional input-cards for AES3-, USB2-, and even Dante / AES67-functionality into the free slot on the back panel of the speaker.


  • HEDD Bridge modular input card-system for digital connectivity (USB2, AES3, Dante / AES67!)
  • Solid unibody-like cabinet with a modern matte-black rubber finishInput- and Tweeter-Gain potentiometers (-10dB – +6dB / ±4dB)
  • Woofer (honeycomb diagram): 7’’ (2’’ voice coil)
  • Midrange (honeycomb design): 4’ (1.25’’ voice coil)
  • Tweeter: HEDD AMT
  • Crossover frequencies (48 db/oct): 250 / 3 200 Hz
  • Input analog and digital (AES): 2x XLR
  • Input impedance (balanced): 22 kΩ
  • Input gain: ± 12 dB
  • Input sensitivity (A/D modulation): -10 /-4 / 0 / +4 dB
  • Output: AES “through”: XLR
  • HEDD Lineariser®, disengageable, delay: 10 ms
  • Shelve filters high / low (.5 dB steps): ± 4 dB
  • LF range (-3 dB): normal / extended / satellite: 32 / 26 / 80 Hz
  • Desk filter: small / medium / large: 180 Hz (-1 / -2 / -4 dB)
  • Frequency response (-3 dB): 32 - 40 000 Hz
  • Maximum SPL (per pair): 120 dB
  • Power amplifier / universal mains 110 - 240 V: 3x 300 W ICEpower
  • AD/DA Conversion: 96 kHz / 24 Bit
  • Cabinet with satin lacquer finish (black or white)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 530 x 338 mm
  • Weight: 21.5 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years