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Transceiver 2

Universal Insert Station

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Transceiver 2 line art

The Transceiver is a four channel insert station. The main function is to convert balanced signals into unbalanced and back again without losing any signal quality. Each channel has a send level, a return gain control, a return polarity switch and a blend control. With the new added blend function you can choose how much of the inserted effect you want to add. The Transceiver 2 is a transformerless balanced design for the best possible signal handling, a flat frequency response and low harmonic distortion and noise. The balanced output has a high driving capability to drive input transformers, also the unbalanced send has a high driving capability.


  • Max balanced input: +27dBu
  • Max unbalanced send level: +21dBu
  • Max return input level: +21dB
  • Return gain: 0-20dB
  • Return input impedance: 1Mohm
  • Max balanced output: +27dBu