TK Audio

Tk-lizer 500

500-series dual mono EQ

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Tk-lizer 500 line art

The TK-lizer 500 features all the power of the TK Audio’s flagship TK-lizer, including the M/S functionality that has made it such a staple in studios all over the world.

The three bands have a cut/boost range of +/-8dB in 41 steps. The low and high bands can be switched between peak or shelving mode. A high pass filter with a 12dB slope is also provided, and each channel has it’s own level control with a range from infinity to +6dB.

Using the built in M/S function, you can adjust the middle and side signals separately before it is decoded back to a normal L/R signal. In M/S mode you can also adjust the stereo width using the level controls.


  • 3 band Baxandall styled EQ
  • High and low bands switchable between shelf or peak
  • High Pass filter
  • All controls stepped for easy recall
  • M/S circuit
  • Electronically balanced for a clean path