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Super 8

8 Channel Transformer Coupled Class A Mic Preamp With Premium 24 Bit 192k ADC

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Super 8 line art

We decided to meet the demands of many musicians, producers and engineers and offer and all-in-one package with the SUPER 8 to get eight high quality signals recorded into your DAW. For the first time we are introducing a package with 8 of our famous '73 style preamps all in just one 2 rack space unit. So this piece is stuffed with all the goodies you'd expect including exclusively designed Carnhill transformers on the Inputs and Outputs and Tantalum and Styroflex capacitors to make sure you get all the juice, vibe and feel from that golden era all while dishing out a very generous 80dB of gain.

The SUPER 8 Preamps are complete with the features you've come to expect. Each channel has a button to activate the 48v Phantom power, a LINE button to prepare the input for Line Level signals, a PHASE button to flip it 180ยบ, and a LoCut button to produce a -3db cut at 80Hz. The first channels are also equipped with a LO Z button which will change the input impedance from 1200Ohm to 300Ohm, a PAD button to reduce the input -20db, our famous JFET D.I. as well as a fully sweepable LoCut filter. Everything you could possibly ask for in a preamp.

As if that's not already impressive enough, there is also an analog to digital converter included to send your signals on to you DAW as easily as possible. This high quality, premium ADC is 24Bit and offers selectable internal sampling frequencies variable from 44.1k to 192k in addition to being externally syncable by WordClock. Three different digital outputs options are available; ADAT, SPDIF and AES/EBU to make sure all of your needs are taken care of. One of the neatest features of the unit is the ability to individually, per channel, decide whether the signal converted and sent to the DAW comes directly from the corresponding input(preamp) or from an external source. What this allows you to do is send your preamped signal out to a processor and then return it to the unit so it can be converted digitally and sent along to your DAW. This can really come in handy if you need a bit of EQ or compression for more control before the digital conversion. This actually means you have 2 selectable sources for each of the eight converters, a seemingly small detail that can really make a big difference when you're knee deep in the mix or session and don't have time to spare.

All the inputs and outputs are provided on gold plated XLRs with LINE inputs and outputs also being offered on DB25 connectors for convenience. The alternative 8 returns for the converter are also available on a DB25 connector. Then, of course, are the format specific connectors for ADAT and BNC WordClock as well as a 9 PIN connector to access either the SPDIF or the AES/EBU conversion.


  • 8 Class A 3-stage '73 style PreAmps
  • Exclusively designed Input and Output Transformers from Carnhill
  • Premium 24 Bit 192kHz Converter
  • Digital output on ADAT, SPDIF and AES/EBU
  • Switchable path for converters per channel, either directly from Preamp or from External Source