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Professional Shockmount

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Professional isolation affordably priced.

The Avantone SSM shock mount is as rugged and effective as they come. Expect outstanding, pro-quality isolation/decoupling. The SSM helps eliminate unwanted vibrations and low frequency transfer, that add background sonic pollution to the mix. The Avantone SSM is constructed from the same cast zinc found on our C series mic’s (providing durability and added shock dampening mass). Each SSM is shipped with 4 independently configurable O-Rings, for a snug customized fit on any mic with a 19mm-22mm hull. Each ring is made from a new formula Ethylene Propylene that’s resistant cracking and loss of elasticity, even in dry, high-temperature environments. Effective enough for the most demanding studio conditions, and sturdy enough for on the road dependability. A threaded mount can be used with a standard boom stand, or in concert with our vibration killing PK1 drum mount


Fits the following mics:

  • MXL 603
  • MXL 604
  • Neuman KM-184
  • Neuman KM-84
  • Audix SCX-1
  • Audix SCX-25
  • Audix F-15
  • Audix ADX-51
  • RODE NT5
  • DPA 4000 Series
  • B&K 4000 Series
  • Earthworks Mics
  • AKG C451
  • AKG C460
  • AKG C60
  • ADK SC-1 / SC-2 / SC-T
  • Audio-Technica 4041a / 4049a / 4051a / 4053a
  • Beyer MC 930
  • M-Audio Pulsar
  • Microtech Gefell M294 / 295 / 300
  • SMS 2000
  • Okatava MC 012 / 101
  • Sennheiser K6
  • Shure KSM137 / KSM141 / SM 81 / SM63
  • T.H.E. KR-33A / KR-2W / KR-25A / KR-1F / KR-2C / TT-3M
  • Samson CO2 / CO2H
  • Superlux SMKH8K
  • ...and most other microphones with a (19mm-22mm) diameter body