Solid 4000

Stereo Mix Buss Processor

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Solid 4000 line art

The Solid 4000 Mix Buss is a new stereo processor that glues together and brings life to a mix. Based in the classic British consoles, it has the same bus circuit that the Solid 4k–500 series of the Epsilon 32–500 summing mixer. In 500 series format and very simple to use: Drive and Output controls.

The Solid 4000 Mix Buss is designed to be used mostly as an insert on the mix bus, but can also be used to enhance instrument group busses. We suggest to insert it before you start mixing and then mix through it. This helps you tailor the mix and get the best sound.

It is important to mention that we recommend find the right 'sweet spot', we mean, as you increase the input drive control, the signal will get a saturation level but if you increase it considerably, the saturation may become in distortion. That's why we recommend looking for an optimal adjustment of the gain structure, as in any console or analog mixing system. Or use it as an ‘effect’.

A 500 series lunchbox is required. For more information please visit: kahayan.es.


  • (1) DRIVE controls harmonic distortion: It sounds like aggressively hitting a console mix buss. High settings increase grit and drive. Lower settings tend to open up the dynamics. Begin with extreme settings so that you can really hear the effect.
  • (2) OUTPUT fader to compensate the output level as you adjust the drive control.