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Revolution EXP

8x8 AD/DA Converter and Word Clock with ADAT

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Revolution EXP line art

Add more inputs and outputs to your interface

Expand your studio connectivity by adding more inputs and outputs to your ADAT-compatible interface with the Revolution EXP! You get 16 analog TRS connections (8-in, 8-out), as well as 16 channels of ADAT I/O. Boutique component selection and proprietary Macro MMC clocking ensure that the Revolution EXP makes every device you connect sound its absolute best. 

Grow your studio

Expanded I/O will let you take your production workflow to exciting new places. Add hardware compressors, stereo reverbs, or any other external hardware processor to your DAW workflow. Capture multi-channel recordings of your hardware synths and drum machines. Connect your preamps to the eight inputs to record multi-channel drums. Use the eight outputs to connect your Revolution EXP to an analog summing mixer; use two inputs for your stereo return. You can even use those eight outputs to connect a multi-speaker array and mix in Dolby Atmos!

Superior macro MMC clocking and flexible sample rates

Revolution EXP boasts Black Lion’s Macro-MMC clocking technology, based on their numerous clocking products and interface modifications. Beyond merely keeping all connected devices in sync, its extraordinarily low jitter ensures extraordinary clarity and sheen in the high-end. The Revolution EXP supports sample rates up to 192 kHz. Use it as the primary word clock for your entire studio, or sync it to your favorite clocking device. 

A difference you can see, feel, and hear

The Revolution EXP’s road-worthy metal construction ensures long life. Its bright, eight-stage metering of every Input and Output makes for quick, accurate, at-a-glance level checks. All analog inputs have a -10 dB pad for managing hotter signals. Boutique components from Nichicon, Vishay and Wima ensure maximum signal quality and low noise. A USB-C connection is provided for future firmware updates. 



  • Add more I/O to your ADAT-compatible interface

  • 16 channels of pro-quality AD/DA conversion of up to 24-bit/192kHz

  • Ultra-low jitter Macro MMC word clocking for supreme sync and maximum clarity; also accepts word clock in

  • 16 analog TRS connections (8-in, 8-out) with -10 dB pads on Inputs

  • 16 ADAT digital connections (8-in, 8-out)

  • Boutique components from Nichicon, Vishay and Wima ensure maximum signal quality and low noise

  • Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz sample rates

  • External power supply