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R.A.M. 1000

Desktop monitor controller with Bluetooth

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R.A.M. 1000 line art

The Monitor Controller for Everyone

The Heritage Audio R.A.M 1000 is a professional monitor controller in an attractive and convenient tabletop format. Offering a matrix of inputs and outputs, the R.A.M 1000 meets the monitor control needs of any recording environment, from project studios to demanding professional facilities — at an unheard-of price. 

Connect Nearly Anything — Even Wirelessly!

The R.A.M 1000 has a plethora of input and output options. It offers two pairs of +4 dBu balanced analog inputs, (one being -10 dBV selectable) and two stereo outputs, available on both balanced XLR and ¼¨ jack connections. 

There is also a very convenient Bluetooth option. The Bluetooth input will automatically choose the best codec available for your device to ensure the highest quality at all times. A simple Reset button will allow you to change the input source for the Bluetooth connection at any time. It couldn’t be easier to incorporate the sound from your mobile devices into your studio environment!

Flexible Routing

R.A.M 1000 lets you simultaneously select different inputs and outputs, enabling you to have much more flexibility while deciding what to hear and where. 

The REC/MON button allows you to choose between two modes of operation. 

  • In Monitor mode, Output 1 will simply act as normal, just like Output 2. Both Outputs will follow any changes made to the volume knob.

  • In Record mode, the Master Level control will have no effect on the output level. This is very convenient if you want to send a signal to your interface for recording while monitoring the playback of your DAW, allowing you to adjust the appropriate level between them.

Quality Through and Through

The R.A.M 1000 is fitted with a 64-step, gold-plated relay ladder attenuation in its Master Level control — a feature usually found only on high-end large-format consoles. It gives an exceptional resolution of 64 dB of attenuation in 3 dB steps. Keeping active electronics to a minimum, the attenuator is buffered for negligible coloration and no noise. 

Nowadays, headphone monitoring can be as critical as main speaker monitoring. Often a weak link even in the most expensive units, the R.A.M 1000 employs a very high-current driver in a diamond buffer configuration, which is able to drive all headphones to very high levels without any coloration or noise. 

Essential Features

Two 6-bar LED meters display the total input for the Left and Right channels, and are placed right in the middle of the unit so you always have it in sight.  

Dim, (-20 dB) Mute, and Mono buttons complete the feature list to make sure you have the necessary options at hand to keep you in control. And with its classic RAF-gray cosmetics and a prominent red Marconi knob, your R.A.M 1000 will add a touch of class to your control room.


  • Bluetooth reception with the latest codecs.

  • Use multiple Input and Output selections simultaneously

  • High-quality headphone monitoring

  • Quick option to send a signal out to your interface for recording

  • Classic European console design, inspired by the best console master sections with exclusively-designed Master Level control

  • Easy USB-C powering (cables included)