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R2 MKII line art

The R2 MKII is quite different from the R 1 series of mics. It features a ribbon transducer with a shorter and more narrow ribbon. It is darker sounding than the R1 series since the higher frequencies roll off earlier.

The R2 MKII will do wonders with both clean and distorted electrical guitar, with brass instruments and more. It is delivered with a metal shock mount.


  • Offers the natural and musical sound of a classic ribbon microphone
  • Ultra-realistic reproduction
  • Provides the characteristic large-and-mellow ribbon-mic sound quality, featuring a very smooth top end and an extended low end
  • Fast and life-like transient response
  • A high SPL capability, 137 dB SPL (1% THD @ 1000 Hz) and a good sensitivity for a ribbon mic of this type.
  • The figure 8 polar pattern offers wide sweet spots both in the front and in the back of the microphone, and rejection on the sides
  • A 42mm long ribbon made of 2.5-micron thick aluminum foil
  • An internal shock mount for the ribbon and magnet assembly
  • Manufactured of the finest materials for a great performance and long-term reliability
  • The R2 can be used with any standard mixer or preamp, preferably with a balanced input.