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Stereo Ribbon Microphone

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R1 ST line art

The R1 ST is two high quality vintage style ribbon microphone sections with transformer balanced outputs in a classic Blumlein configuration for stereo and mono recordings. It offers the unique and natural sound that has been available in classical microphones like the RCA 44 and 77 that are still used to make high quality recordings today after over 80 years.

The R1 ST is very well suited for the recording of most sound sources like vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestras and choral groups and many live sound applications.

In spite of its low cost, the R1 ST meets the most stringent demands.


  • Two ribbon elements, one placed above the other; each aimed 45 degrees from center in a classic Blumlein configuration.
  • Creates a wonderful stereophonic representation of the sound source and the acoustic environment.
  • Either side of the R1 ST can also be used as a mono microphone.
  • The natural, smooth and musical sound of vintage style ribbon microphone technology.
  • Captures every transient without harshness or hardness.
  • The warm and punchy sound of a transformer balanced output.
  • Ultra-high SPL capability, 160 dB SPL (1% THD @ 1000 Hz).
  • Each section has a figure-8 directional pattern with wide sweet spots in the front and in the back.
  • 50 mm long, 2 microns aluminium ribbons.
  • Detachable microphone cable and a cable splitting box for left and right output.
  • Shock mount and two transport cases, one hard and one soft.
  • Manufactured of the finest materials for a great performance and long-term reliability.