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Golden Age Pre73 Upgrade to Pre73 MK2 (Includes Labor & Installed on Premises)

How Does it Work? You send us your Pre73 and we install the Pre73 MK2 Unit and then send the new gear back to you. Free Shipping!

This is for an upgrade from the Pre73 to the Pre73 MK2 Model. This unit includes labor and comes pre installed. You already have the Pre73, so why not make it better and upgrade to the Pre73 MK2 with this easy, already installed unit!

The images are of the actual product that will be installed on your unit.

Pre73 MK2 Details:

The Golden Age Pre-73 MKII is new and improved with a lower noise floor, and greater dynamic range. New features include an added rear-panel insert for EQ and dynamics processing. The Golden Age Pre-73 MKII provides a low cost alternative to microphone pre-amplification featuring a fully discrete signal path by utilizing separate transformers for the balanced mic input, the line input and the output. Similar to the circuit you would find in the Neve 1073 preamp/EQ with a remarkably similar output.

The versatile sound of the Golden Age Pre-73 MKII works incredibly with most sound sources and in most genres. The Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKII has a maximum gain of 80 dB on the mic input and the gain range on the Line input is -20 to + 10 dB.

Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKII also offers a high-impedance instrument input making it the perfect solution for nearly any signal source whether for mics with a higher or lower sensitivity, synthesizers, sound modules or an electric guitar or bass.

The input impedance of the microphone input can be switched between 300 and 1200 ohms, which makes it possible to affect the tone of most microphones. There is also phase switch and an simple 4-step LED signal level meter.

The output level control makes it possible to make fine gain adjustments and also to overload the main gain stage for more character and then lower the signal to a suitable level before the output stage.


  • Golden Age Pre-73 MKII Preamp Features
  • Vintage Style electronics with no integrated circuits in the signal path
  • 80dB Max gain easily handles passive ribbon mics with quiet sound sources
  • -20 to +10dB Gain range on the Line input
  • Switchable 1200 or 300 Ohm impedance on the mic input
  • Switchable phantom power and absolute phase
  • High-impedance instrument input for connecting sound modules, electric guitar or bass
  • A simple but effective 4-step LED output level meter
  • The output level control offers:
  • Fine gain adjustments
  • Overloading the main gain stage(s) for more character
  • Lowering the signal to a suitable level before the output stage
  • Combo XLR/TRS input jacks and separate output XLR and TRS jacks
  • Includes external high power power supply