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Pre-573 Plus MKII

500 Series Microphone Preamp

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Pre-573 Plus MKII line art

An updated version of its amazingly popular sibling, the Golden Age PRE573MKII is here to impress with updated features and more power than ever.

The PRE-573 has a dedicated insert connector at the back allowing it to interface with other GAP 500 modules. The insert can be activated by removing a jumper connector at the back of the module.

There is a second jumper at the back of the module that selects 600 ohm termination on the output. The standard mode is termination on, since it gives the flattest response when the PRE-573 is used with modern line inputs that typically has an input impedance of 10 kohm or more. The user can chose to remove the jumper and deactivate the termination resistor, this will increase the level above 10 kHz and create a peak in the response for an even more pronounced  "Air" effect.

The output is transformer balanced and fully floating and can drive a 600 ohm load up to level of about 28 dBu.


  • The PRE-573 is a one width module that has the sound and the features that made the PRE-73 so successful and a few additional ones.
  • Circuit uses the preamp and output section from the classic 1073-module, adapted to work in the api rack format. 
  • Total gain range from -15 to +80 dB. The 10 - 70 dB range is handled by a turn switch and there is a separate toggle switch to select an additional 5 or 10 dB gain.
  • Input can be configured to accept line level signals by another switch, the gain is then lowered by about 25 dB and the input impedance increased to about 15k ohm.
  • input impedance of the mic input mode can be switched between 1200 and 300 ohm.
  • Phantom power and phase reverse is also selectable by front panel switches.
  • New Feature: active DI-input with a high input impedance of about 1.5 M ohm
  • The output signal from the active DI circuit passes through the input transformer for some extra character. 
  • The DI-input is extremely flexible since it can be changed to a purely passive one via a front panel switch- The DI input is then exactly the same as in the PRE-73 Mk2 where the signal is feed directly into the second gain stage, bypassing the transformer and with an input impedance of about 100 kohm. 
  • New feature: switchable AIR mode that  adds a small boost above 10 kHz that peaks at 2 dB at about 35 kHz.
  • Simple but effective signal and overload indicator is offered by a single LED that starts glowing red at about +4 dBu and then increases its intensity up to the maximum output level.