MixChecker Pro

The smartest tool to reference your mix.

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Double Check Your Mix

With over 60 simulated consumer devices, added background noise, device distortion, and improved intuitive UI, MixChecker Pro is the ultimate tool for checking your reference mixes without extra exports.

Realistic device simulation

Choose from over 60 true-to-reality models of the world’s most used consumer audio devices and check your mix via the represented device.

Time-saver controls

Streamline your workflow using switches for mono monitoring, device distortion, and noise generation. Let the auto-scroll browse through the devices on its own.

Optional background noise

Apply one of 14 distinct and mixable ambient noise simulations, and monitor your track via the optional device-specific distortion and clipping.

Customize your setup

Save your favorite device collections with specific distortion and volume levels. Adjust the stereo base width, and personalize your plug-in to your liking.

Be free, use the remote

Scroll through the models and features while just walking around! The proprietary Remote Control app is available for Android, iOS or as a web browser page

Improved engine

Sporting a freshly streamlined UI, with the simulations and engine improved to work as smoothly as possible. Fully Apple Silicon compatible.

How we made it

We’ve spent weeks measuring the frequency responses and other behavior of all the devices in laboratory conditions to create accurate models you can rely on. We precisely defined all the background sounds, which could disturb the listener from hearing the flawless tune. With many more features, MixChecker Pro is the best plugin for double-checking your mixes and making your sound masterly.