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M/S Station

Advanced mid-side processor with parallel inserts, elliptical EQ, and advanced cueing

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M/S Station line art

Every mid-side processing option in a single rack unit

The M/S Station is a multi-function mastering and main bus processing tool designed to cover all the needs of every producer/engineer who wants to maximize their use of mid-side processing for enhanced stereo width; tight, focused mono-bass, and more. Its four discrete functions are divided across two linkable control sections for intuitive use, and its advanced cue section makes monitoring a breeze. 

Parallel inserts and blends

When using the M/S Station’s Blend Split mode, you can use its parallel mid-side inserts to process the Mid and Side signals independently via external hardware processors, blending each with the dry signal to taste. Compress your Mids for a more grounded mid-signal, and add a touch of reverb to your sides to liven up the wider elements without affecting your center-panned kick drum or bass! 16-position rotary switches ensure precise and repeatable settings. In M/S mode, the blend function takes place before the signal is decoded back to left/right.

Elliptical EQ and Stereo Width for surgical sound shaping

M/S Station’s elliptical EQ allows you to specify the frequency at which all signals will be summed to mono—up to 302 Hz in 16 steps. This is ideal for tightening and focusing the low-end of your mixes while ensuring that they will translate well to diverse listening environments without bottom-end phase collapse. In fact, phase-shift correction is built right into the elliptical EQ’s high-pass filter.

A dedicated Stereo Width control grants you every sense of space, from an ultra-wide image to good ol’ fashioned mono. 

If you would prefer to run M/S Station’s two sections at different locations in your signal chain, they can be unlinked for independent use by removing four internal jumpers. 

Cue from every step of the signal chain

M/S Station’s passive cue functions allow you to monitor your signal at any step in its processing chain — you get dedicated controls to hear the left, right, mid, or side signals independently of one another. You can even listen in on the parallel inserts return signal or the low frequencies processed by the Elliptical EQ. 



  • Advanced mid-side processor with parallel inserts, elliptical EQ, and advanced cueing

  • Two parallel, stereo inserts for independent mid/side processing via external hardware 

  • Independent, stepped Mid and Side blend controls 

  • Elliptical EQ for creating low-end mono signals

  • Width control from mono to extra wide. 

  • Advanced cue function for monitoring the signal at nearly every step in its path


  • Max input and output: +26dBu

  • Dynamic range: 119dB 

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 80kHz +/-0,1dB

Insert section:

  • THD+N Dry: 0,00022% @ +4dBu / 0,00015% @ +20dBu 

  • THD+N Wet: 0,00025% @ +4dBu / 0,00015% @ +20dBu 

  • THD+N M/S Wet: 0,0004% @ +4dBu / 0,0004% @ +20dBu 

  • S/N Dry @ +4dBu: 103dB 

  • S/N Wet @ +4dBu: 102dB 

  • S/N M/S Wet @ +4dBu: 97dB

Elliptical EQ section:

  • THD+N: 0,0004% @ +4dBu / 0,0004% @ +20dBu 

  • S/N: 98dB 

  • Crosstalk: Better than 70dB

Width section:

  • THD+N: 0,0003% @ +4dBu / 0,0003% @ +20dBu

  • S/N: 98dB

All sections active:

  • Dynamic range: 115,5dB 

  • THD+N: 0,0005%

  • Power consumption: 15VA 

  • Voltage: 115v or 230v selected via an internal volt selector switch.