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The 21ST Century Shockmount

The traditional 16-point “Spiderweb” Shockmount is a thing of beauty, and the industry standard since its inception. The traditional Shockmount design works quite well- until the moment it doesn’t. A broken eyelet, loose or severed elastic band can make a good day go horribly bad, in the blink of an eye.

Avantone and Black Lion Audio joined forces on the first breakthrough new concept Shockmount in over 70 years. Like the “spiderweb”  system, the Jestun Shockmount is also a thing of beauty, but the real attraction lies within the 21st century functionality.

No Fail Sound abatement: 

The Avantone Jetsun Shockmount system is a completely revolutionary, fail-safe system. A rugged, open metal skeleton with two layers of specially treated shock absorbing rubber, nullify any unwanted vibrations at every point of contact. 

Mic Placement: 

The Jestun Shockmount’s open, minimal structure can be easily reconfigured to isolate unwanted vibrations from below or behind the mic, rather than the old school 360-degree system. This unique design allows the capsule area to remain uncluttered but protected. A Pop screen can be located directly against the microphone's head shell, making perfect mic placement or proximity effects not only possible, but easy. 


The unique structure of the Jetson Shockmount means size is no longer an issue. The microphone’s diameter, and traditional Shockmount’s inner cage dimensions are no longer related. Any studio mic is easy to mount, and tightly secured using universally adapted lower hull threading. A rugged, efficient, “one size fits all” solution.