Isovox Isomic

Studio Microphone with Triangular Capsule

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Isovox Isomic line art

ISOMIC™ is designed for professional Voice Over Artists & Vocalists who want an easy-to-use solution to achieve the “Pro Studio Sound” along with the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth. The sound is “Pre-Set” and works fantastic for Voice-Overs, Audio Books, Narrations, and of course Vocals of different genres. You can of course tweak it if you feel the need… It’s top-of-the-line specifications along with its patented triangular capsule gives a sound that is just as unique as you are. The sound can be described as hyper realistic, well balanced and crystal clear. This is what we think the future should sound like.  The high-end is naturally smooth and makes it very “comfortable” sounding which makes it great for modern high-compressed Voice Overs / Vocals without sounding harsh. 

THE SCIENTIFIC PART: The patented Triangular Ehrlund Capsule that powers the ISOMIC™ sounds like nothing you have heard before. Experience clarity at a whole new level. What’s the thing with the triangular capsule? The short answer: It captures your voice in a much more natural way than a circular capsule is capable of.

The long answer: Thanks to over *3x faster recovery movement than a circular, it will minimize it’s own self coloration and therefore result in a much more detailed and accurate sound recording. This patented technology enables a jaw-dropping frequency range of 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz. When a single sound impulse hits the membrane, it will start to resonate. The same way a cymbal reacts when it gets hit by the drummer. The self resonance of the membrane will colorize the sound, and prevent it from capturing incoming transients accurately. While the circular membrane (cymbal) is busy resonating, the triangular one has already stopped. This enables the triangular membrane to capture more of the incoming transients accurately and therefore capture a much more natural sound. 

*Based on the physical signal analysis theory

Made for: Voice Over Artists & Vocalists.

Can it be used for other instruments? Yes, but it’s mainly designed for voice recording with the ISOVOX Vocal Booth.

Note: ISOMIC™ is designed primarily for the ISOVOX Vocal Booth. While it can be used without it, it’s recommended to use it inside the ISOVOX to squeeze out it’s full potential.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: ISOMIC™, CloudMount™ & ISOPOP™ placed in a beautiful and protective packaging. 


  • Radio Ready Sound, just add compression!
  • XTreme frequency range 7 Hz – 87.000 Hz
  • Made for the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth
  • Extremely low self noise < 7 dB (A), so you can focus on your voice and not the noise… 
  • 2x Pop-Removal Zones for pop-free recordings
  • Designed for Voice Over Artists & Vocalists 
  • Made in Sweden