Isovox Go™

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ISOVOX Go is a studio vocal booth that removes unwanted room sound from your recordings.
All in an ultra-portable format that fits in a carry-bag.

ISOVOX Go is up to *3x more effective removing room sound than a Reflection Filter & Foam Ball, taking your recordings to the next level.

Acoustics is derived from the massive success of ISOVOX 2, and effectively removes room sound from your voice recording. The new material and contour design enables a dry, crisp and clear sound with smooth frequency response. Use ISOPLUG Go (free downloadable) for Mac & Pc to further enhance your recording, with tools such as De-Esser, Dynamics, Tone & Reverb. ISOPLUG features 1-Knob Design with powerful audio processing and settings.

Difference between ISOVOX Go & ISOVOX 2

ISOVOX GO is for the user whose main need is to get studio quality vocal recordings in a room with bad acoustics. All in an ultra portable format.

ISOVOX 2 is for the professional user who needs to practice and record their voice in any room and get pro studio quality vocal recordings without disturbing their surroundings or it disturbing them. All in a portable format.

Users of ISOVOX Go will notice differences in sound isolation for surroundings and character compared to ISOVOX 2. ISOVOX Go, up to -10dB sound reduction for surroundings. ISOVOX 2, up to -35dB sound reduction for surroundings.


  • Removes unwanted room sound from recordings
  • Up to *3x more effective removing room sound than a Reflection Filter & Foam Ball
  • Carry-On
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable & Fits in most checked in trolleys