ISOPOP™ BroadCast

Premium Pop Filter for Broadcast Microphones

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ISOPOP™ BroadCast line art

Take your podcast and broadcast sound to new heights with ISOPOP™ BroadCast, the premium pop filter designed specifically for front-address microphones. Unlike built-in pop filters that often dull the sound and fail to eliminate pops, ISOPOP™ BroadCast ensures an unparalleled audio experience for your listeners.

The compact design of ISOPOP™ BroadCast enhances visibility, making your podcasts look and sound more professional. Say goodbye to bulky in-your-face pop filters that obstruct your view. With ISOPOP™ BroadCast, you can now connect with your audience while maintaining a transparent and clear sound.

ISOPOP™ BroadCast comes with two Pro Filters: Neutral and De-Ess. The Neutral filter is perfect for those who prioritize transparent sound and want to remove pops effortlessly. On the other hand, the De-Ess filter is a game-changer for microphones with harsh treble or sibilance, softening the sound for a smoother listening experience.

All our Pro Filters are not only interchangeable but also cleanable, ensuring hygiene and longevity. ISOPOP™ BroadCast is meticulously crafted to work seamlessly with front-address microphones, including popular models like:


Shure SM7B, Shure SM7dB, EV RE20, Röde PodMic, UA SD-1, Röde Procaster, and Sennheiser MKH-416. It's also compatible with handheld alternatives such as Shure SM58, Beta 58, Shure SM57, and more, with a diameter between ⌀19 - 60 [mm] = ⌀ 0.75 - 2.36 [inch].


Podcasts, Broadcasts, Content Creators, Vocalists, Audio Books, and Voice Over Artists.



  • Premium Pop Filter for Broadcast Microphones 

  • Universal Fit

  • Integrated Shockmount

  • Includes 2 interchangeable Pro-Filters
    1 Neutral - Removing Pops with Ultra Transparent Sound
    1 De-Ess - Softens harsh sibilance and Removes Pops 

  • Cleanable & Hygienic Pro Filters for Long-Term Use

  • Small Diameter Ensures Unobstructed View

  • Ideal for Podcasts, Voice Overs, and Broadcasts