All in one Plug-in for Voice Over & Vocals

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ISOPLUG™ line art

ISOPLUG™ focuses only on your voice and is packed with the tools you need to process your voice recording to perfection including EQ, Mud Remover, Compressor, De-Esser, Character, Limiter and Reverb. All-in-one view for easy access. Powerful Presets. Helpful indicators show how you dial in the Comp, De-ess & Limiter to maximize the Volume!

No need to buy & jump around between different plug-ins with overly complicated menus.

Choose from a variety of adjustable presets. Advanced controls for professionals can be accessed by clicking on the module name.

ISOPLUG™ also works well together with any voice recording equipment. For best results, ISOVOX Vocal Booth and the ISOMIC Microphone are recommended. Its easy-to-use interface combined with powerful presets and “optimal indicators” helps even a complete beginner to dial in that perfect, professional sound.

Made for:
 Voice Over Artists, Podcast, Audio Book, Content Creators, Vocalists, Mixing engineers, Narration and more.

Can it be used for other instruments? 
Yes, you can tweak the parameters in the advanced mode but it’s mainly designed for voice recording and every tool is tailored for that purpose.


  • All-In-One Voice Plugin
  • Includes: EQ, Compressor, De-Esser, Limiter, Mud Remover, Character, Reverb
  • Presets made for Voice Over, Audio Book, Vocals, Podcast, Streaming, More
  • Built-In indicators to help the user set Compressor, De-ess and Limiter to optimal setting based on their voice and purpose
  • Simple interface, powerful controls
  • Scandinavian design, Made in Sweden