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HEDD introduces the first full-range Air Motion Transformer headphones. Designed by loudspeaker-veteran Klaus Heinz (Founder of ADAM & HEDD) and build from scratch in Berlin Germany, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer is a unique transducer that HEDD believes delivers a more musical and true-to-the-source audio performance. By squeezing the air out of a multiple Kapton® folds, it allows to move air significantly faster than any traditional dynamic, electrostatic or planar magnetic driver, resulting in a more accurate transient response and stereo imaging. This makes the HEDDphone® suitable for both, music creation and high-end listening.


  • Open over ear headphone
  • Full-range Air Motion Transformer with VVT® Technology
  • Up to 3 times the diaphragm size compared to conventional drivers
  • Efficiency: 87 dB SPL for 1 mW
  • Impedance: 42 Ω
  • Weight: 718 g
  • Mini-XLR Connector, high quality 6,3mm single ended 2 m cable included
  • Custom artificial leather earpads
  • Hand-built in Berlin, Germany