Epsilon 32-500 with Solid 4000 500 Series Pair

32 Channel Summing Mixer

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Epsilon 32-500 with Solid 4000 500 Series Pair line art

Epsilon 32-500

The Epsilon 32-500 is a 32 channel summing mixer unique in the mixing market because it’s capable of combining 3 summing styles using only 1 machine. This means 3 different ‘’analog consoles’’ in 1 summing mixer. The 3 summing modes are: 500 series, Kahayan Bus and External Bus (see page 7). The Epsilon 32-500 is the first summing mixer that allows you to use 500 series modules. You can use their solid 4000 – 500 series modules or any 500 series preamp working as a summing bus (see page 7). Another unique aspect to the Epsilon 32-500 is the possibility to expand through the use of external rack modules (in External summing mode). These modules can add new summing styles. We recommend Kahayan modules like the Kahayan Vintage 12k72 or Solid 4000, and also preamps. Their equipment possesses the ability of expansion meaning it is in constant evolution. All components are hand-selected one by one. The Assembly is completely handmade. The Rack consists of 3 rack units of 35 cm depth. Furthermore the unit was conceived as a Summing Bus and can be used as mastering equipment using only two channels.

500 Series Modules

The Kahayan solid 4000–500 series modules give you the classic solid british sound, with all the saturation and ‘glue’ of these consoles: if you ‘smash’ these summing bus modules you achieve all the saturation of this classic sound. Also, you can use any 500 series preamp working as a summing bus circuit. All you have to do is setup a pair of preamps in the 2 space rackmounts, choose ‘mic mode’ and increase 34dB of gain. Here we are opening all the sound options.


  • Analog Summing 32 Channel
  • 32 balanced inputs on DB25
  • 2 MAIN balanced stereo outputs on DB25
  • Stereo pre-fader Insert on/off switch
  • The first 8 input channels have Insert (DB25) and Pan
  • The Master Fader allows to attenuate or enhance the stereo signal at -∞ dB to +16 dB
  • Headroom: +24dBu
  • Power supply at 220/110 volts and 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply uses 250mA fuse at 220v and a 500mA fuse at 110v