Bass 12

Subwoofer, 12", 700W with DSP

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Bass 12 line art

BASS 08 and BASS 12 are the first HEDD subwoofers to appear on the market. They excel in precise low frequency reproduction by newly developed drive units, excellent high power amplifiers and the use of linear phase (or FIR) filters down to 20 Hz. Furthermore they offer a satellite output that can influence the output (group delay) of the units to achieve a complete linear phase operation of satellite-sub systems – if HEDD monitors with switched on Lineariser are in place. Alltogether we introduce 3 major innovations into the world of subwoofers: 1. CoP (Closed or Ported) / An innovative choice for the bass response nobody had offered before: removable plugs in the ports together with adapted FIR (Finite Impulse response) filtering allow optimum results in either operating mode. 2. Switchable HEDD Lineariser® to avoid any phase errors within the low frequency reproduction down to 20 Hz in either mode (closed or ported). A complete Linear Phase operation down to 20 Hz is achieved with high resolution by using a separate clock for low frequencies. 3. Complete Linear Phase Satellite-Subwoofer systems / By applying switchable group delay at the satellite output. The potential listener distances between subwoofers and satellites can be compensated in .5 dB steps within a ± 2 m range, together with HEDD MK2 monitors a Linear Phase satellite system can be installed for the first time.


  • Switchable Low Pass filtering for use with diff. crossover frequencies including two LFE modes
  • Switchable LF range normal/ extended (15% lower=less SPLmax) and a +10dB option for LFE
  • AES interface input selector for analog, AES left, AES right or AES mono
  • Input sensitivity pot. range -10 dB to + 4dB, so AD conversion can be optimized
  • Gain: Analog pot from -12 dB to +12 dB
  • BASS 12 is compatible with our previous generation of studio monitors.