MIDI Amp/Speaker Selector

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16x8 line art

Thanks to the Kahayan 16x8 MIDI Selector we can select/choose any amplifier and speaker combination with the front panel buttons, with a MIDI pedalboard and also with your Tablet using a MIDI/Bluetooh® interface. That means, if everything is connected correctly and our recommendations are followed, you can link the amplifier that you want with the speaker that you choose in many modes. And also incorporates more options:

Amp Bus insert:

The 16x8 MIDI Selector allows you to insert an Amp Attenuator or a Speaker Simulator. In this way, all the Amps and Speakers connected to the Selector will be working thru this attenuator or speaker simulator. This insert opens the bus amp and is located electronically in between amp power inputs and speaker outputs of the Selector. The use of modern Speaker Simulator gives you an extra analog or digital output to a DAW or other applications.

Muted Tuner Output:

The 16x8 MIDI Selector allows you to connect an external Tuner using the Jack Output in the front panel. This Output only Works when you press the MUTE TUNER switch. This is a useful mode to have a more clean pedal rig routing. Also you can use this output to other functions: For example to connect in cascade a second Kahayan selector unit. Also to mute all the setup in one button in case, for example, you need to change any pedal in your rig.

The 16x8 MIDI Selector can be controlled by MIDI data. For this function you can use a MIDI Pedalboard or a MIDI/Bluetooth® interface (not included). Also the unit incorporates a MIDI thru output.


  • 16 Amplifiers and 8 Speakers Selector
  • 1 Jack instrument input and 1 Jack Tuner output (front panel)
  • 16 Jack instrument outputs to Amplifiers
  • 16 Jack power/speaker inputs from Amplifiers
  • 8 Jack power/speaker outputs to Speaker/Cabinets
  • 1 Jack power/speaker output and 1 Jack power/speaker input for Insert in the Amp-Bus
  • 1 MIDI output and 1 MIDI thru
  • Power Supply: 220/110V and 50/60 Hz. Consumption: 6W
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Max. Watt input from Amplifiers: 180W
  • Dimensions: 82x435x285 mm (Height/Width/Depth)