Which ISOVOX is right for me?

ISOVOX 2 and ISOVOX Go compared

ISOVOX 2 and ISOVOX Go compared

Not sure which ISOVOX is right for you? We’ve broken down the differences between these two products in this simple guide.

Remove room sound in vocals

The first thing you need to know is that both ISOVOX 2 and ISOVOX Go provide acoustic isolation for your recorded vocals—they serve to eliminate the sound of reflections (echoes) off the walls of your room from getting into your mic; leaving you with only the pure sound of your recorded voice.

Acoustic isolation for vocals

Furthermore, both ISOVOX 2 and ISOVOX Go reduce your singing volume to the outside world to let you practice vocals more quietly, without bothering your neighbors or flatmates.

While the feature offering between the two is indeed similar, they’re not identical… so let’s compare!

Best vocal isolation: ISOVOX 2

The ISOVOX 2 delivers acoustic isolation for your vocals, allowing you to rehearse and record vocals without bothering your neighbors or housemates. With an incredible -35 dB of sound reduction for its surroundings, ISOVOX 2 is a superior choice over ISOVOX Go for louder vocalists. It’s a lot less expensive than soundproofing your bedroom, and you’ll spend less time and money on expensive plug-ins to remove room sound.

ISOVOX 2 also features a 4-layered construction that not only keeps your voice inside the ISOVOX… it also provides excellent acoustic isolation for keeping ambient sounds out. It can’t be beat for creating pro studio-quality vocal recordings in non-recording studio environments.

Beyond that, it will simultaneously deliver a warm, punchy, isolated vocal recording while reducing your overall volume into the mic by eliminating problematic acoustic reflections… while enhancing the flattering ones. In fact, its acoustic materials have been specially chosen to compliment the frequency range of the human voice, resulting in an idealized version of your voice.

ISOVOX 2 is ideal for:

  • Vocalists who want pro-studio acoustic isolation at home

  • Any vocalists who don’t want to bother their neighbors or housemates

Portable vocal booth: ISOVOX Go

ISOVOX Go reduces up to three times more room sound than a generic reflection filter or foam ball. Beyond that, the ISOVOX Go also delivers acoustic isolation for vocals while removing some of the weight and setup time of ISOVOX 2. Optimized for quick 5-minute setup, ISOVOX Go lets you benefit from studio-grade acoustics while traveling or working in a new or different recording environment. You also get an included carrying case, and at just 15 lbs… well, you see how we came up with the name!

ISOVOX Go’s main concerns are portability and improving the quality of vocal recording acoustics in less-than-ideal spaces. Because it provides -10 dB of sound reduction for its surroundings, It is not recommended for loud rock or metal vocal practice or recording. If your goal is to avoid disturbing your nearby environment, the ISOVOX 2 may be the better option for you.

ISOVOX Go is ideal for:

  • Home recordists/producers on a budget

  • Voice over artists

  • Touring musicians who are often on the road

  • Mobile recording engineers who do a lot of work outside of the studio environment

You also get the ISOPlug Go vocal plug-in for further sculpting and enhancing your vocal recordings in post.

Compare ISOVOX features




Interior acoustic isolation for improved vocal recordings



Sound reduction for surroundings

-35 dB

-10 dB

Record studio-quality vocals in a room with bad acoustics



Includes standard ⅝” mic mount



Made from non-toxic materials with no particulates



Setup time

7 min

5 min

Included hardware

Mic pole w/ mic holder

Lightweight tripod stand and mic pole w/ mic holder

Included plug-in


ISOPlug Go

Included travel case




30 lbs

15 lbs

Dimensions (when set up)

L80 x W49 x H48 (cm)

L68 x W48 x H44 (cm)