Lindell Audio


Digital To Analog Converter

Premium 32 Bit 192kHz Digital To Analog Converter

Lindell Audio to release one DAC to rule them ALL! Does the world need another dac? YES. Does it work with Protools? YES, Does it make your iPad sound better? YES, Does it sound better than anything else? YES

The DACX is an extremely high end digital to analog converter. Sporting only the best parts available on the market today. Made for the demanding engineers who wants the highest possible resolution and sound quality coming out of the daw.

What sets the DACX apart from everyone else is the sheer insane amount of engineering that has gone into the power supply and output stage! Some other boxes uses the AK4397 da-chip too, but no one powers it like the way we do.

The DACX adopts 4 pieces of low magnetic flux leakage power transformer in total 24 group independent power supply cells, in order to decrease the crossover distortion or interference of different circuit system.

The DUAL OUTPUT STAGE let's YOU select "Tube" or "Opamp" for flavouring. Use the clean opamp stage when using the DACX in your monitor chain. And try out the Tube output stage if you use the DACX in your mastering DA chain.

The DACX features dual AES/EBU inputs, Coax SP/DIF, Optical SP/DIF and USB audio. The selectable upsampling feature let's you set the output sample rate to taste: 24/96, 32/96, 24/192, 32/192.

  • Sample Rate Supported- 44,1 - 48 - 88,2 - 96 - 176,4 - 192kHz * AK4397 Delta-Sigma D/A from AKM
  • 4 pieces of low magnetic flux leakage power transformer
  • Balanced And Unbalanced Outputs
  • Switchable Output Stage- Tube or Clean Opamp * S/N Ratio <114db
  • THD <0,002%
  • Gold Plated Pc Boards