Lindell Audio


Studio Amplifier

"45 Pounds of pure Class A heavenliness.."

Lindell Audio has unleashed 45 Pounds of pure Class A heavenliness! Introducing AMPX: the new studio standard power amplifier!

Studios all around the world still rely on classical passive monitors like NS-10, Proac, ATC and PMC where the power amplifier is crucial to get a clean uncolored and precise sound. We developed the AMPX to be the new studio workhorse where you get a high resolution, high headroom, accurate, easy to mix sound at on affordable price.

  • Dual Mono Design
  • Class A
  • Dual Gorgeous Blue VU Meters
  • Balanced Line Inputs and Ouputs
  • Dual High power toroidal transformers
  • 40W (8Ω, Class A)
  • Power Consumption(Static State) 130W
  • Input Sensitivity 1.2V
  • Input Impedance 47kOhm
  • Frequency Response 10Hz-100KHz (±1.5dB)
  • S/N Ratio ≥100dB
  • THD ≤0.03%
  • 2mm thick gold-plated PCB board
  • Shipping Weight 48.5 lbs, (22Kg)
  • Dimensions (W*H*D) 483mm*90mm*445mm