Type 30

Studio Monitor

The HEDD Type 30 is an exceptional midfield monitor. Whether as a full- range speaker solution in an elegant recording studio, post-production space or in broadcasting contexts, it is an ideal player in the most diverse fields of application. This powerful 3-way-system, that features two horizontally aligned and rock-solid sounding 7”-woofers, a 5,5”-midrange woofer, and the HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter for vivid and un- colored high frequency reproduction, creates an ultra-wide frequency range from 30Hz all the way up to 50khz. Nothing less than 4×300 watts of the finest ICEpower® amplification are hidden in the Type 30’s strong and beautiful, matte-black cabinet.

The Type 30 offers XLR and RCA connections and full HEDD Bridge com- patibility, meaning that you can insert an optional input-card for AES3-, USB2-, and even Dante / AES67-functionality into a free slot on the back- panel of the speaker.The Type 20 incorporates the versatile HEDD Bridge system. Besides standard analog connections (XLR/RCA), you can insert optional input-cards for AES3-, USB2-, and even Dante / AES67-functionality into the free slot on the back panel of the speaker.

  • Frequency response: 32Hz – 50kHz (Crossover: 200Hz / 2800Hz)
  • 4x 300W ICEpower® amps from Den- mark (Max. SPL: ≥126dB)
  • XLR & RCA inputs
  • HEDD Bridge modular inputcard-system for digital connectivity (USB2, AES3, Dante / AES67!)
  • Solid unibody-like cabinet with a modern matte-black rubber finish
  • Input- and Tweeter-Gain potentiometers -30dB ... +6dB / ±4dB)
  • High (±4dB at 20kHz) and Low (±4dB at 50Hz) shelf controls
  • Universal Mains (85V – 265V)
  • W: 530mm x H: 280mm x D: 338mm
  • Weight: 23.3kg
  • Made in Germany