Type 07

Studio Monitor

The Type 07 is much more than a classical nearfield-monitor. It creates a degree of sonic stability, spatiality, and transparency that makes it sound much bigger and more mature than its moderate size and sleek design make it appear. It features 2×100W ICEpower® amps, a newly designed, rock-solid woofer and an improved Air Motion Transformer for a natural and accurate high-frequency reproduction. It is precisely for these reasons that there is hardly a field of audio production, which the Type 07 is not ideally suited for: its clever design makes it an especially good player in broadcasting contexts as well as in recording and mix-down studios.

The Type 07 comes, like every HEDD speaker, with XLR and RCA connections. In addition, it also features a free card slot that allows for a wider range of digital functionality. HEDD currently offers optional cards for Dante, Ravenna / AES67 (Audio-over-IP!), AES3/EBU and USB2 integration.

  • Frequency response: 38Hz – 50kHz (Crossover: 2300Hz)
  • 2 x 100W ICEpower® amps from Den- mark (Max. SPL: ≥116dB)
  • XLR & RCA inputs
  • HEDD Bridge modular inputcard-system for digital connectivity (USB2, AES3, Dante / AES67!)
  • Solid unibody-like cabinet with a modern matte-black rubber finish
  • Input- and Tweeter-Gain potentiometers (-10dB – +6dB / ±4dB)
  • High (±4dB at 20kHz) and Low (±4dB at 50Hz) shelf controls
  • Universal Mains (85V – 265V)
  • W: 220mm x H: 300mm x D: 370mm
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Made in Germany